Marathon Secrets From An Insider Revealed: 3 Tips for an Epic Race Day

In this episode, you will learn the top three things we think a person new and even experienced to the marathon should focus on that they usually don't.

I have a saying, the marathon isn't twice as hard as a half marathon. It is 2 to the 2nd power. It's exponentially harder, so that's 4 times harder than a marathon. I had the privilege of getting exclusive insider info from James Constantine, the digital marketing manager for PONT3, who delivered the event on behalf of the Sydney Marathon. If you don't live in Australia, you probably may not know that they are now a candidate for the Abbott's World Marathon Major Series, and if chosen, would be the seventh one.

There are so many reasons why this is exciting, and not to mention, I live in Sydney, Australia, I have been for 12 years, so all my running friends from around the world might come and see me versus me going out to see them. While James is a sporting event marketing wizard, he's also deeply involved in the running community here in Sydney, Australia. I literally see him everywhere. So much so that he just won his latest half marathon and posted a super speedy time at one hour and 17 minutes.

We focus on the top three things that new and experienced marathon runners should prioritize but often overlook. Our first point emphasizes the importance of appreciating the experience beyond just tracking time. The Sydney Marathon is highlighted as an example of a race that goes beyond being a mere competition, with its iconic route across the Harbour Bridge and finish line at the Sydney Opera House. Our second point discusses the remarkable growth and success of the Sydney Marathon, which has significantly increased participants. Lastly, insights from the race director, Wayne Lardon, highlight how the event showcases the best runners in the world and inspires people of all ages to take up marathon running.


  • [00:00:09] Appreciating everything outside your watch.
  • [00:04:15] The app, phenomenal.
  • [00:08:48] Marathon tips for newbies.
  • [00:11:57] Authentic touch points with runners.
  • [00:13:30] Seven plus hour marathons.
  • [00:16:11] Marathon times and respect.
  • [00:19:45] Closing roads for major events.
  • [00:23:29] Frustrations with the marathon.
  • [00:26:26] Guaranteed world major spot in 2025 if you race 2024 Sydney Marathon
  • [00:31:25] Favorite run or workout.
  • [00:34:06] Sydney Marathon's positive impact.

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