The Weird Reason Why Your Run Breathing Technique Is Holding You Back (Nose vs Mouth Breathing)

Too many runners train in ‘the grey zone’, too fast for an easy run but too slow for a hard run. Nose breathing is a natural way to ensure your easy runs are easy, because you can not supply enough oxygen to the muscles if you run too fast.

A 2018 study published in the International Journal of Exercise Science showed breathing through your nose makes your heart rate higher than breathing through your mouth, at the same pace.

Listen, watch and read on as we go super deep on this.

We believe people learn wholistically and by different means so this podcast is now available as a Youtube video and written blog post here.
What You Will Learn
  • How our current training is going
  • The concept around how training actually makes you weaker
  • How, why and when breathing through your mouth vs your nose works best and for what type of runner
  • The dangers of nose breathing
  • The great debate… caffeine or not before a workout?
  • And a few more cool things to help you perform better in training, racing and life!


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