6 Reasons Why Your 5K Run Time Isn't Improving

Want to run a faster 5k? Whether you’ve just done your first or you're a serious athlete looking to shave a few seconds off your 5k PR, we’ll tell you what you need to do to run that 5k distance faster.

And to all you distance runners, we’re just gonna say it. Love me some distance, but you’d be best gettin’ your 5k time down. It’ll pay off in the longer runs – trust us. Listen on to find out more.

We believe people learn wholistically and by different means so this podcast is now available as a Youtube video and written blog post here.

What You'll Learn

In this episode, Mike gives all of the tips and tricks on running a fast 5k race.

  • From - Strength and Conditioning Training
  • to Dieting
  • to How many and what types of runs you should do each week
  • to Time trialing
  • to Cross training
  • and even touching on the all-important sleep

Links & Learnings

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