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TLDR about what’s coming up;
  1. 🥵 Late night runs & 8 great recovery foods | Present things you can try right now!
  2. 📊Training Updates & What I’m digging | Past things to learn from me
  3. 🏃🏽‍♂️Tabata style intervals + Doing Real Work | Future stuff for you to try


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Announcement time: Goodbye Three Thing Thursday. Hello, One Percent Better, aka OPB.The internet’s most-exciting running tips, wisdom and (bad) jokes newsletter.

Guess what? In 5 minutes or less, twice a month (ish), I’m saving you 11 years by reading/listening/watching this newsletter. You’re welcome.

Why? Because I already did it. Yes, over the last 11 years, I have scoured the internet figuring out how to *bio-hack and experiment on myself to perform better as I age. (yes, I know ‘hacking’ isn’t a cool word anymore, but you get what I mean).

In my quest to better myself one per cent each day, the time has come to retire “Three Thing Thursday” While dope and fun, new beginnings are happening all the time, and I think One Percent Better summarises what my goal is for you as a reader and myself.

In each newsletter, I’ll present a few dope ideas from the internet or me that, even if you just pick one thing, will be actionable enough that it will alter the trajectory of your training, racing, business, and personal life by just one percent.

I’ll then break each part into The “What, Why, How” framework, which should help make it that much stickier and easier to implement.

Different name, has the same great taste and is information-packed with a dash of fun. #funformative

Go here to watch and read the newsletter and get even deeper bombs of knowledge.

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