Top 3 Things To Do When You Start A Race Too Fast

In previous war times soldiers were taught to advance cautiously, to stay low and move slowly to avoid enemy fire.

But there were those who charged ahead, ignoring the risks and the warnings. They were the ones who often paid the ultimate price.

Fast forward to our modern personal, work, school and run lives. We face a constant pressure to hurry and rush towards success, and even to ignore the consequences of our actions.

But just like in war, those who charge ahead without thinking can find themselves in dangerous situations.

Listen/watch/read on to find out how to stop running too fast in your races so you can get a best time and more -

What You’ll Learn & Timestamps
  • 02:28 Starting a race too fast
  • 06:45 Anaerobic System Limitations
  • 07:23 Pacing in distance running
  • 10:42 Marathon pacing strategies
  • 13:52 Strengthening the chassis for running
  • 17:04 Marathon training tips
  • And more!


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