Running Form: The Good, The Bad, and The Average | May TTT

Improving running form is essential for success in any running event or endurance sport. Having good running form can help you run faster, farther, and with less effort. Poor running form can lead to injury, fatigue, and decreased performance.

Unfortunately, many runners focus on the appearance of their running form instead of its efficiency. They want to look like the pros, but they don't consider the fact that the pros have likely been running for years and have developed their own unique and efficient form. It's not about looking good, it's about being efficient and effective.

What you’ll learn (time stamps)

  • 02:58 Bad running form, good results.
  • 03:28 Unique running styles.
  • 07:16 How to stop overstriding.
  • 09:28 Running form tips.
  • 12:49 My training updates & Growth through imbalance.
  • And much more



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