The link between carbs, cavemen and your inner GPS for run gains

Imagine this, you're a pilot in the cockpit of a plane. You have a destination, but the journey is full of unexpected turbulence and challenges. The key to success is staying on course and making small adjustments as needed.

And just like flying a plane, navigating life requires a steady hand and a clear sense of direction. Learn all about cavemen, carbs, and recalibrating your inner GPS voice to make sure that you stay on course and reach your goals all on this episode of D Lake Deliberates.

I cover topics such as cavemen, carbs, and recalibrating your inner GPS voice.

As a sub three-hour marathoner and 10 hour Ironman finisher with over 25 years of experience in endurance sports and distance running, I provide insights and tips for smart runners and endurance athletes to get one per cent better every day and perform amazingly throughout their lives.

What You'll Learn

  • 00:16 Navigating life like flying plane
  • 05:26 Carbs and paleo
  • 06:24 Importance of carbohydrates
  • 09:18 Training in the Gray Zone
  • 14:18 Exercise replacing alcohol cravings
  • 15:25 Time as a precious resource

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