Why You Should Use A Seasonal Diet Approach To Your Training

Seasons are everywhere in life: Tax season, weather season, fashion season and yes, RUN SEASON.

Like seasons you can’t keep wearing the same Summer clothes in the winter. That aint gonna work. So you gotta switch things and adapt! Just like the clothes in your closet, I’ll teach you how to adapt your eating to support your diff run seasons on this episode.

In this episode of Trees and D-Lake, the hosts discuss how to adapt your eating habits to support your different running seasons. Just like you can't wear the same clothes in summer and winter, you can't eat the same way during different seasons of running.

The hosts share their tips and tricks to help listeners run better and enjoy their sporting lives more. They also talk about how nutrition is subjective and based on the individual.

Language warning: the hosts sometimes use bad words to emphasize their points.

What You’ll Learn
  • 02:50 DNA-based dieting
  • 03:37 Sports nutrition and clean eating
  • 07:14 Low-carb diet philosophy
  • 10:36 Low Carb Diets
  • 13:53 Low-carb diets and exercise
  • 18:23 Exercise as Predictor of longevity
  • 21:28 Slow carb diet and cholesterol
  • 23:34 Healthy eating habits
  • 27:51 Diet vs Exercise debate
  • 30:18 Saturated fats and processed food



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