The Truth About Running Injuries and How to Make A Safe Comeback (Injury Part 2)

A few episodes back, we talked about four tips when coming back from injury. Now let’s talk about the long and bumpy road to connecting the dots and running your best times once you’ve gotten through that initial injury recovery period.

There are four essential tips that we will walk through;

  1. You develop new mental toughness
  2. You have something new to track
  3. You get to learn the basics (this is a good thing)
  4. Follow (good) medical advice

On that last point - we are not doctors, nor do we play any on the internet; please go see a proper sports medicine specialist to diagnose your specific and individual problem. Listen to learn more.


Notable Quotables
  • “Get good medical advice. Some doctors don't like sports and may say "you got injured running, don't do it anymore" - That isn’t good for everyone.”
  • “When I got injured I got to go back to the basics which force me to slow down and do other things that I enjoy.”
  • “Once you're injured - Don't lose that aerobic base. If you can, just keep moving without pain.”
  • “I think my longevity in this sport is because I'm not mentally tough. It makes me not overdo it.”


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