Running Gels: Love Them or Hate Them? Here's What You Need to Know

Running gels are like stocks in the stock market. Some people swear by them and couldn't imagine training for a marathon without them, while others avoid them at all costs. Like with stocks, it's essential to research and determines what works best for you personally.

We discuss using running gels as a source of energy during long runs or races. Then we emphasize the importance of researching and determining what works best for each runner, as some runners swear by gels while others avoid them altogether.

Rounding into the importance of choosing a gel containing the correct carbohydrate type, such as a glucose polymer or maltodextrin, which has a slower absorption rate and a more sustained energy release.

And last - the importance of experimenting with different amounts of gel and timing of consumption.

For those looking to learn more about running gels, the following articles may be helpful:


Notable Quotables
  • "Gels are easy to transport, easy to consume and they work.”
  • "I hate sugary processed foods but I know they help me with performance"
  • "Experiment with the amount of gel and timing of consumption to find what works best for you."
  • "You can only store about 2000 calories in a marathon, so you need some kind of fuel to get you through it and gels are perfect.”


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