Use This Easy Run Drill Trick To Get Unreal Results

When you see a runner with perfect running form, what do you think?

  • Damn, they look fast, how can I look like that?
  • How efficient are they at injury prevention??
  • Is that running form by winning the genetic lottery or did they work at it?
  • Do they do drills to look that good?

Well, you might not think those things, but I sure as hell do. Listen on to find out more!

The 4 drills to help you get better run form

  • Butt kicks uphill - get foot placed correctly
  • high knee uphill - helps with getting knee up to shorten lever and running
  • Bounders uphill - help with longer stride length
  • Ankling/ankle overs - faster turnover


Notable Quotables

  • “We do tend to do things we are good at. But we also need to do things we are bad at. Because we are bad at them means we might need to do them more.”
  • “While you won't kick your butt in a race butt kicks are great for stability, not landing side to side, uphill adds strength.”

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