What's better: Racing with music or silence? With Remy B Reel (This or That)

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Picture this it’s race morningof the race you’ve been training for all year.

you’ve got your race shoes, your race clothes and your race tunes… or do you?

Are you the type that races with music or without it?

Well find out why you maybe should and shouldn’t on this special series called “This Or That” featuring Remy B Reel on Trees & DLake

I teamed up with my content brother from another mother Remy B Reel to make this new style of video podcast glory.

Our main goal is to discuss and showcase both sides to a particularly polarizing topic. This hopefully lets you either see another side or double down on yours which means you can might perform and train just that much better.

The choice is yours because you can get with this… or you can get with that.

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