10 things Beginner Runners Need to Stop Doing Now

As runners and endurance athletes (Hey triathletes and cyclists!), we all love knowing what you should do!

But sometimes it’s nice to look at the inverse. Inverse just means the opposite. In the context of running and training, knowing what IS NOT good for you is just as effective as knowing what is.

The point of this episode is not to embarrass anyone, but to get you to think more about what you are doing by again, looking at the opposite of what good is. This is what Mike Trees calls “training smarter”

The top 10 things runners should never do!

  1. Ignore pain: if it hurts stop
  2. Skip your warm-up/cool down
  3. Never stretch
  4. Expect a Personal best/personal record at every race
  5. Follow a training plan to the letter..... you must be flexible as we all have good days and bad days
  6. Start off a race too fast. You should aim for negative splits
  7. Not rest enough
  8. Go too hard on easy days
  9. Put off your recovery meal. Try and eat something within 30 mins of finishing training
  10. Obsess over numbers and what other people do

So here’s what to expect in this episode;

  • We’ll start off with a quick warmup to see where we are at in our current training
  • Then get into the core of this episode - The 10 Things Runner's Should Never Do
  • Then end it with our episode question - Should you wear super shoes as much or as little as possible?

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Episode Quotes
  • If you haven’t got the extra hour to sleep, then you can't do the training
  • It's pride that makes people want to run fast when they shouldn't
  • Stop stressing about getting faster in a straight line. It takes a lot of trial, error and time.
  • Different shoes use different muscle groups. The variety produces an all-around stronger physique. 

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