I Now Walk Into The Wild

Wow ... 

here I am. 

And here we are.


We're setting out on a new journey. One which is going to involve late nights, bags of coffee, and the odd story or two. Odd being the key word.


Is it possible to write a story and publish it in 7 days?


Of course it is. But it's still going to be hard work. It's still going to be nails to the grindstone (or whatever that saying is).


Here's what my Massive Storytelling Podcast Thing is all about:

  • Keeping yourself accountable.

  • Consistently creating content.

  • & The rule of Ray Bradbury -- cranking out a hell of a lot of short stories.

If you fancy joining me and doing your own 7-day story challenge, e-mail lukeofkondor@me.com and I'll give you a shoutout on the show, and maybe even get you on for an interview.



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