Challenge Accepted

In England we have a saying.


It's called 'Bricking It'.


And it has nothing to do with manual labour.


What it actually refers to is nervousness. What it more actually refers to is sh*tting oneself.


That's sortof how I feel today, becuase today is the first day of the first 7-Day Story Challenge. From today I have 7 days to write and publish a short story to the Amazon Kindle store.


What you'll find in today's episode:


  • Getting the initial feedback of a story idea.

  • Skype Call Testing Service. What's that all about? Am I right?

  • What exactly IS the 7-Day Story Challenge?

  • And Much Much More ... (words).

What you won't find?

  • Jeremy Clarkson.

  • That Zayne guy from One Direction.

If you're doing your own 7-Day Story challenge, let me know! E-mail me at


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