Back From The Woods

I got an e-mail the other day from a MASSIVE listener and he said "Luke ... where the flip have you been?"

Turns out there's people out there waiting for these things!

Anyway, I've been neck deep in words and I finished an novel and have started on the second one.

BUT ... no excuse.

In this episode we look to the future and talk about the different types of shows we'll be doing:

Five Minute Fridays -- Regular updates, quick, rambling, fun.
Branch Meetings -- Monthly meetings with Hawk & Cleaver boys to discuss what's happening with the story studio, future plans, etc.
Interviews -- Interviews with Storytellers Of Interest. Filmmakers, Indie Authors, Comic Book Writers, etc.
Story Challenges -- 7-Day Story Challenges where somebody comes on the show and we challenge them to make something in 7 days.
Q&A Episode -- Answering questions live.

Also, Hawk & Cleaver is now on Facebook.

We're going to be giving away free stuff...

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