RFM143 – Agency Productivity and Email Management

Main talking points include:

Many of us become slaves to our inboxes – when a client emails we down tools on what we're doing and jump right onto their requests. As the day goes by the inbox seems to get worse, and the end never seems to be in sight.

But what if there was another way?

In this episode, I speak with James Murgatroyd, an agency owner who has mastered the process to manage his inbox, so that it doesn't manage him.

We outline James' email system, and talk about Agency Productivity in general – so once you have all that time back you are super efficient with it.

In short, the system comprises of:

  • Taking on an "Unsubscribe Campaign" – if you can get the information elsewhere, get it out of your inbox
  • Adopting a Folder System:
  • Personal
  • Accounting
  • A folder for each client
  • To do
  • Action
  • In Progress
  • Pending
  • Reply
  • Waiting for Reply
  • Incoming (going to remove) - enquiries
  • Read at some point (typically get emptied about once a month)
  • To Pay

In addition, we also cover:





James Murgatroyd is the Chief Everything office at Holler Digital, a web, and marketing agency in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He's been building websites and digital strategies since the late 90s and is passionate about user experience.

Twitter: @hollrt



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