3. But My Mind is Caged

This week, Agents Washington and Harris get a little more acquainted with Tithers, and Processing Camp I-7-Alpha. Meanwhile, Everton has an unexpected visitor of the "fucked up fleshy squid" kind.

Written by Pacific S. Obadiah & Jonathan Goldberg

Script Edited by Franke Serrano


Narrator - Graham Rowat

Margaret - Jordan Cobb

Eddie - Zach Libresco

Ernie - Atticus Jackson

Washington - Rissa M.

Harris - Russel More

Pasha - Tanja Milojevic

Mars - Erik Kemp

Stifles - Ezra Wayne

Fore - Luis Bermudez

Lizardo - Dana Creasman


Composer - Danny Sweet

Sound Design - Pacific S. Obadiah

Producer - Brad Miska & Tom Owen



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