1. Welcome To Everton

Everton was suppose to be a suburban paradise! Shopping malls, modern homes, and more! Then, every man, woman and child vanished. Now, seventy years since the mass exodus, things are stirring beneath Everton. Dark, dangerous things. Join Agents Washington and Harris as they investigate what is left of this enigmatic town.

Written by Pacific S. Obadiah & Jonathan Goldberg

Script Edited by Franke Serrano

Narrator - Graham Rowat

Margaret - Jordan Cobb

Eddie - Zach Libresco

Ernie - Atticus Jackson

Washington - Rissa M.

Harris - Russel More

Pasha - Tanja Milojevic

Mars - Erik Kemp

Herschel - Brandon Nguyen

Advertisement - Brandon P. Jenkins


Composer - Danny Sweet

Sound Design - Pacific S. Obadiah

Producer - Tom Owen

Producer - Brad Miska

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