Power and Shame | 092

Should we worry about what people think of us? Or should we reject all embarrassment, chug down the cringepill and dethrone the shame king.


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Mandos on tour! This Spring we’re taking an all new live comedy show Hostile Takeover to London, Manchester and Sheffield. Join knockabout radicals and gangly darlings of the northwave comedy scene Sean Morley and Jack Lewis Evans as they ask: can a comedy show be collective action?

Dates & Tickets:

19th May, GRUB, Manchester - bit.ly/mrpmcr

20th May, Shakespeare’s, Sheffield - bit.ly/mrpsheff

28th May, The Bill Murray, London - bit.ly/mrpldn



Mandatory Redistribution Party was created and produced by Sean Morley and Jack Lewis Evans. Our title theme was created by Ella Jean with additional music by Jack Lewis Evans and Sean Morley.

This episode contains an excerpt from Antonin Dvorak Legends, Op.59 performed by Waterloo Cedar Falls Symphony.