Allergies and Reflux with Alison Scott-Wright

It's the last episode of series 2 of Made by Mammas: The Podcast! And, what a series it's been! In this final episode, Zoe and Georgia have a returner to the podcast, offering invaluable advice, this week the girls are chatting to the magic sleep fairy Alison Scott-Wright!

This time around, Alison is talking to the girls all about allergies and reflux in babies, having helped Zoe and little Kit through it. The ladies chat about what reflux is, about colic, front vs back sleepers, tell tale signs, allergies and intolerances, diet, milk tips, what we can do to help a reflux baby, reintroducing dairy to baby and of course Alison gives her top 5 products to help mums suffering with a baby with reflux and allergies.

Plus, Zoe and Georgia share the products they couldn't do without and reflections on the series.

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