Are We Unconsciously Letting Our Bosses Control Us? Dr. Erin Hatton Shines a Light on the Systemic Abuse Through Coercion

What kind of power does your boss have over you? What does it mean, in this pandemic world, to think about the conditions under which we work? Are we even conscious of these conditions? This is what Mark explores today with Professor of Sociology and Author Erin Hatton. While researching her book, “Coerced: Work Under the Threat of Punishment,” Dr. Hatton interviewed four groups of people: prisoners, student athletes, welfare recipients, and graduate students. These groups are extremely different from one another, but they have a similar type of coercion, and that is what Dr. Hatton calls “status coercion,” where their bosses have punitive power over them if they refuse to comply with an order. And as our country is gripped by coronavirus, those people in power have even greater control over their workers, and it is becoming apparent just how many types of workers fall victim to status coercion. Is your boss coercing you? Listen to today’s episode and decide. Executive Producer: Adell Coleman Producer: Brittany Temple Distributor: DCP Entertainment For additional content: 
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