National Day of Mourning

Jean-Luc Pierite, Director of the North American Indian Center in Boston and member of the United American Indians of New England, shares with us in today’s episode about the National Day of Mourning, which is an annual celebration that seeks to educate people on the myths of Thanksgiving and raise awareness of the ongoing struggles that Native Americans are still facing today. In addition to the day’s details, Jean-Luc talks about fighting back against historicizing Native Americans, because it’s not just about the injustices that have already taken place--it’s about those that are still happening. And are you unsure if you should say Indian, American Indian, Native American, or Indigenous? Well Jean-Luc helps us understand what the most proper and respectful form of reference can be.

Executive Producer: Adell Coleman
Producer: Brittany Temple
Distributor: DCP Entertainment
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