Jim Freeman on Who's Profiting from Racism

Racism is harming, if not killing, people of color in America, and there’s a small group that actually profits off it. That’s what Jim Freeman, author of “Rich Thanks to Racism: How the Ultra-Wealthy Profit from Racial Injustice,” unravels in today’s episode. There’s a number of billionaires and multi-millionaires (like the Koch brothers and the people behind ALEC, to name a couple) who invest in legislation that keep things in place like the prison-industrial complex, immigrant detention, and school privatization, but that’s not the only way they turn racism into profits. Jim speaks to the layers that begin with criminalizing young people of color in their schools and continue after people have been released from prison. But you can get involved, and Jim also has some advice on that, too.

Executive Producer: Adell Coleman
Producer: Brittany Temple
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