Is the U.S. Contact Tracing Like We Should Be? Epidemiologist Dr. Keren Landman Has Some Answers

We see the term “contact tracing” pop up in the coronavirus conversation quite a bit, but what the heck is it anyway? How does it work, and how can it help? Dr. Keren Landman is a physician, epidemiologist, and journalist, who recently wrote the piece published on Medium titled, “Hey America, What Happened to Contact Tracing?” (link below). In today’s episode, she gives us an understanding of not just what it is, but how it has been used in the past why it’s such a bigger challenge with coronavirus. Mark and Dr. Landman also get into the other side of the coin: are we comfortable giving detailed personal information to the government? And where does tech fit into this conversation--are phone apps up for the task? Dr. Landman answers all these important questions and more. CLICK HERE to read Dr. Landman's piece on contact tracing: Executive Producer: Adell Coleman Producer: Brittany Temple Distributor: DCP Entertainment For additional content: 
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