1 Protecting the ocean

With nearly three quarters of our planet covered by water, the ocean is the earth’s essential life support system. But much of the ocean is under-regulated and over-exploited.

In the first episode of a new podcast from the International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED), we examine international efforts to protect the ocean, support marine biodiversity and create sustainable fisheries.

Joining host Liz Carlile to discuss how to protect our ocean are experts Essam Yassin Mohammed, an environmental economics specialist whose fascination with fisheries began when he fell in love with the orangeface butterflyfish that lives in the Red Sea, and the more business-focused Laura Kelly, formerly of UK’s Department for International Development (DIFD).

They discuss the close links between the high seas and coastal communities, and international efforts to improve regulation of the high seas in the BBNJ negotiations, plus how a cargo of rubber ducks that was washed overboard a container ship in the Pacific in 1992 illustrates the inter-connectedness of our ocean...

The Make Change Happen podcast tackles the critical challenges of our time, from climate crisis to biodiversity loss and increasing inequality. It provides in-depth coverage of key issues, and relates how we will play our part to make change happen.

Follow the panellists on Twitter: @EYMohammed, @LauraKellyIIED and @LizCarlile. Follow the podcast on @IIED_Voices for the latest updates.

Further reading:

How the fate of a shipment of bath toys missing since 1992 led to greater knowledge of the world's oceans: www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/lost-at-sea-on-the-trail-of-moby-duck-2226788.html

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