The Power of Afternoon Raving with Dan Flanagan

In this episode, Tim chats with Dan Flanagan, founder of Dad La Soul, "The UK's most groundbreaking dad-focused organisation".

The conversation twists and turns, with highlights including...

  • The definition of decent music
  • The joy of taking your socks off and dancing with strangers
  • Spending ~£400 million a year
  • Quitting the corporate world in favour of finding dinosaurs on the beach
  • Becoming a family man again
  • The life-changing potential of talking to strangers
  • The heady mix of DJ'ing and soft-play
  • A weekend in the woods with 'The Happy Start-Up School'
  • 97-year-old Vera dropping "We'll Meet Again" at an afternoon rave
  • Still feeling like a failure
  • Empowering dads to be more open about the tougher aspects of life
  • Discovering global opportunities from a small seaside town
  • Connecting kids with other cultures
  • The importance of looking after yourself
  • The power of "yes"
  • Living on the edge of "the corporate world vs. the purpose-driven world"
  • The value of a life-coach
  • Spreading the news
  • It's all about 'connection'
  • "But, I don't deserve it"... "yes, you do."

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