The Power of Appreciation

Join Tim Jameson and Chris Turrell as they explore the power of appreciation in our world today, including...

  • “Seeing what else is out there”
  • A positive of this pandemic
  • Let’s face it… it’s tough out there right now!
  • Dialling out the noise
  • Realising it’s my responsibility
  • Turning the mirror
  • An Ex-Marine
  • Personal Development, Career, Relationships & Health
  • Getting real about control
  • ‘Redundant’ vs. ’in transition’
  • “My daughters”
  • Establishing a weekly structure
  • Being present
  • Power of the ‘Ring doorbell’
  • 360 degree feedback - a new approach?
  • Vulnerability as STRENGTH
  • Legacy - finding your launchpad
  • The power of questions AKA ‘being curious’
  • Joy at 90
  • How might your life be different…?

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