Mailbag: Breaking Point in Bundesliga, the Return of the Copa Libertadores

There were bizarre scenes at the Rhein-Neckar-Arena over the weekend with both teams downing tools after a group of Bayern Munich ultras refused to remove banners insulting Hoffenheim’s billionaire owner, Dietmar Hopp.

Andres Cordero and Eric Krakauer take control of the Mailbag and do their darnedest to make sense of the Bavarian club’s decision to defend Hopp instead of its own fans amid a growing wave of discontent among Bundesliga supporter groups towards the “over-commercialization” of the sport.

Plus, with the Copa Libertadores back on beIN SPORTS, the conversation takes a South American slant as our stand-in Mailbagers weigh up Flamengo’s chances of retaining the title in a competitive playing field containing other giants like Gremio, River Plate, Palmeiras and Boca Juniors.


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