RBN Energy CEO, Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp CEO & Cramer’s Airbnb Analysis

It was a losing day on the tape, where the Dow plunged 543 points, and Jim Cramer is breaking down the downturn. Then, Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp. is expected to close its deal with sports betting company Super Group in the coming weeks, but will this deal be a touch down for investors? Cramer's talking to Chairman and CFO Eric Grubman. Next, Airbnb’s CEO announced his plans to roam and stay in Airbnbs, and Cramer's giving his bull case for the stock. Plus, oil soared to its highest level in 7 years today - what could the rest of the year hold for the hot commodity? Cramer's asking RBN Energy CEO Rusty Braziel. Finally, earlier today Microsoft announced its plans to acquire Activision Blizzard in a $70 billion all-cash deal and Cramer's revealing what Microsoft saw in Activision that others didn’t.