Ep. 35 -- Molly Stevens' Reverse Ratio Stir-Fried Vegetables and Noodles

Molly Stevens has always been one of my favorite cookbook authors. Her cookbook "All About Braising" remains a desert island disc for me (that's a reference to another podcast) and her new cookbook "All About Dinner" is full of the kinds of recipes everyone should be making now to comfort themselves and their families. With mandatory social distancing, I was super disappointed that Molly's book tour was postponed and that she wouldn't be able to come to Lunch Therapy headquarters in person; but then I hit upon an idea: what if we used FaceTime? So in today's first-ever FaceTime Lunch Therapy session, Molly and I talk about her growing up in Buffalo, being the third of four children, seeking solace in the kitchen, her love for technique, and how she wound up in Vermont. We also cover her literary ambitions, how a food career crept up on her, working at Anne Willan's cooking school in France, realizing that a career in food could be meaningful, and how she got into publishing her own cookbooks. PLUS: as a bonus, my parents make a cameo from Boca in today's intro.


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