Episode 51: Botflies, Bryan Cranston and Gran Turismo 5

Welcome back, LAPSers! It's great to have you back with us, and Happy Monday! This time around, Pete starts you all off with an outrageous admission and then tells us about his recent experiences with Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad. Exciting!

There's a quite frankly pathetic story of a night terror involving a video game, although perhaps not one you'd expect and we also revisit the case of the secret vomiter of a few episodes ago. Next up it's tips for saving money at university, before we round everything off with a truly horrendous tale involving insects and human skin.

To tell us all your darkest secrets, or maybe just what your favourite video game is, it's: hello@lukeandpeteshow.com. We're @lukeandpeteshow on social media too!

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