Episode 105: Biting a kidney

Welcome back to The Luke and Pete show, where your two eponymous antiheroes wait in situ to waste another 35 minutes of your time. It's tough work, but someone's got to do it. This time around, it's a protein-heavy edition as Pete tucks into eggs and spinach while talking about diets.

After that an actual real-life doctor gets in touch to discuss the best way to transport and transplant a kidney (clue: don't take a bite out of it), and then we get into the realms of Jurassic Park with a live orchestra, the absolute state of some of the things dinner ladies used to serve up to school kids, and a legend of The Luke and Pete Show finally gets in touch. Don't miss it!

To tell us about the worst food you had served up at school, or indeed anything else for that matter: hello@lukeandpeteshow.com

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