Comcast's MachineQ expands playbook for enterprise IoT

Here are some topics we cover during the podcast:

  • Witkowski offers an updated overview of MachineQ and its approach to the enterprise IoT sector (1:33)
  • Examples of how MachineQ is tailoring its platform for various verticals, including hospitality (4:20)
  • How MachineQ is gaining traction outside the US (6:15)
  • How MachineQ collaborates with Comcast Business to market and sell enterprise IoT services (7:30)
  • How MachineQ's platform has evolved to go beyond LoRaWAN to cover a wider range of enterprise IoT applications and services (11:50)
  • Why smart cities are not a key area of focus at MachineQ (15:00)
  • How MachineQ is starting to apply AI and machine learning to enterprise IoT (17:45)
  • MachineQ's priorities for 2024 (27:00)

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