LYE 72: Distancing Myself From YouTubers?

Another day another disastrous YouTube event. This time it's Fouseycon that has been thrusted into the spotlight. Organised by YouTuber Fouseytube aka twenty eight year old Yousef Erakat this event made big promises (including a set from Drake and an appearance from Lebron James) that it simply couldn't keep. Inevitably, it all ended in tears but in this weeks episode of Lower Your Expectations we discuss the reason why these YouTuber's risk their reputations to stage events, why Marcus feels the need to distance himself from the stereotype of YouTubers and what he would do if there was such a thing as Marcuscon (there isn't...YET). Elsewhere we answer a fascinating #askMattcus question and find out why inserting a kinder egg into a vagina can sometimes be a bad idea.

It's all here on #LYE.

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