LYE 20: "I Should Have Gone To Hospital"

RUNNING. You may have run when you’ve missed the bus or run when you decided to have five minutes extra in bed or even run out of your own free will. This episode of Lower Your Expectations we’re going to be exploring our own experiences with running in particular a #Mattcus (yes, it’s still a thing) run in Los Angeles. Elsewhere we discuss whether it’s unethical to lie about your relationship status as a YouTuber and the Big Question reveals another memorable nugget from Marcus’ childhood. Check out MoreMarcus on YouTube for the best of this week’s episode, at Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Android: Subscribe to Marcus on YouTube: @MarcusButler & @MattViney12 wherever you can find us! ————— Sound by Adam Durbridge Big Question: This episode of Lower Your Expectations was sponsored by Nike.

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