LYE 37: "Everyone Wants Me To Make A Diss Track On Alfie Deyes"

Diss tracks feel like the new 1000 degree knife challenge (remember that?!?!) and where one was taking apart the things you love with absolute precision for the sake of a few views the other was a simple process of heating your knife to 1000 degrees and cutting butter. But why has this phenomenon swept across YouTube like a tsunami of insults and fake drama? Elsewhere there is a big question inspired debate about our best and most hated films that everyone loves and Matt's performance playing football is brutally analysed by Marcus with the help of his mate Dave. It's all here in another mediocre (we've lowered the expectations for you) episode of this decent podcast. Check out MoreMarcus on YouTube for the best of this week’s episode, at Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Android: Subscribe to Marcus on YouTube: @MarcusButler & @MattViney12 wherever you can find us! ————— Sound by Adam Durbridge Big Question:

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