LYE 51: Should YouTubers Get Things For Free?

To those of you still out there waiting for us... HELLO! We are back it has been 55 days (we just counted on our fingers so may not be accurate) since our last podcast episode and you might be wondering: Is the return going to be epic? Will they have a huge guest on their first episode back? Have they learnt any fascinating truths in the time away? And the answer to those three questions is..... no. BUT there is a whole load of gossip for us to dive back into including whether or not bloggers/youtubers/people on the internet should be able to get things for free if they promise to post about it on their social media, we also bring you up to speed with exactly what we have been doing over the last 55 days and the big question will make you reevaluate the relationship you have with knives all in a jam packed first Lower Your Expectations episode of 2018.

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Sound by Adam Durbridge

The Silent Child:

The Big Question:

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