LYE 21: UK vs USA

Los Angeles aka the city of angels and affectionately known to some as "the city of flowers and sunshine" (according to google anyway) but to us it will always be known as the place where guacamole tastes best. That's right, it's an LA special where we play a fun game deciding which is best the UK or the USA, because we're original like that, elsewhere we also reveal what it's like to go behind the scenes of a #mattcus work trip and we discover the reason why an 85 year old man kicked a stranger in the groin. Check out MoreMarcus on YouTube for the best of this week’s episode, at Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Android: Subscribe to Marcus on YouTube: @MarcusButler & @MattViney12 wherever you can find us! ————— Sound by Raghu Manavalan Big Question:

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