This New Cafe Will Offer Fellatio With Its Espresso

Jonesing for some oral sex with your caffeine? Soon you'll be able to satisfy both cravings at the same time – at least if you're a straight man living in Switzerland. A new cafe is set to open by the end of the year in Geneva, where sex work is legal and regulated, and will allow patrons to order a coffee drink and then use an iPad to choose a sex worker who will perform fellatio.

In this episode of the HuffPost Love + Sex Podcast, Noah & Carina chat about this new cafe and ponder exactly how much money someone should charge – or pay – for a blow job.

Later, Carina interviews Jillian Keenan, the author of Sex with Shakespeare: Here's Much to Do with Pain, but More with Love, which explores Keenan’s spanking fetish and how reading the great British playwright as erotica came to her rescue while she was learning to accept and explore her own sexuality.

Finally they answer listener questions, including one from a man who wants to know why he hates cuddling with his girlfriend after sex.

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