S4 E22 - That's Very Rude (with Luke Franks, Gareth Hunsnet and Steff Todd)

Careful Toby... last time Hugo got that angry he made class stay behind for the first five minutes of lunch.

WHAT A RIDE - best episode of the series so far? Not for us to say, but that's deffo going to go down in Love Island history.

Luke Franks is sitting in Kem's chair today and Gareth (aka Hunsnet) is here to debrief last night's dramz with us.

Ok, so let's talk about that recoupling - that was a surprise. Chloby are finito and Tabi is officially on. Preeeetty sure there's going to be a bit of fall out after that in tonight's episode. EEEeeek.

And our babe Kaz finally got a SNOG! Yes baby girl!

Our lovely Steff Todd is here with a steaming hot plate of impressions (her Sharon is absolute FIRE) - and Gareth gives it a bit of a whirl too. It's nice to have a boy that can do impressions around (soz Kem)

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Abi's setting more traps than the chef in Ratatouille. Kinda ironic that Toby enjoyed wearing that mouse outfit so much, eh?!