S4 E16 - Stop Using Your Teeth, You Have To Suck It (with Yasmin Evans and Steff Todd)

Well, hopefully the villa catering manager wasn't planning on making huevos rancheros for dinner.

Arielle's away this morning - so Yasmin Evans is Kem's bombshell co-host for the day!

We've got a new boy heading into the villa! Cue the girls: YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE! YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE! YOU'RE GOING ON A DATE! Make sure you tune in tonight to see how Daddy - oh, sorry - Danny gets on during his dates.

There were a lot of very interesting chats last night... AJ has been making her mark on some of the boys. Are the OG girls rattled? Not sure... but Faye's nails are looking very well shaped. Also - is Laaron on the cards in the near future?! And Hugo has familyzoned Sharon. We know it's not a thing, but we're gonna make it a thing.

Steff Todd is here for our Friday morning impression fix. Tbh, not sure we gave Yasmin enough warning about Kem's attempts. Brace yourselves.

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Kem has promised that he is going to retire if he doesn't find Hugo a girl during this series... his move to The Love Island Retirement Home For Elderly Islanders could be closer than we expected.