S3 E31 - Baby Duty's Not For Me, I'll Stick To Dogs (with Chris Hughes, Nas and Eva)

We're starting this morning's podcast with some memories of our friend and colleague Caroline Flack. We will miss her so much.

Kem has got his best pal Chris Hughes is in the studio to keep him company while Arielle's away. We know that the two Lukes have their eye on the best bromance crown... but this one is still going strong.

Nas and Eva are here! They're looking sunkissed and gorgeous, obvs. We get their take on what went down in Casa Amor, meeting each other's families and life as a couple outside the villa.

We fire up the Time Capsule and see how Eva and Nas predicted their time in the villa... Did Eva have her eyes on Nas from day one? And how did Nas think he would react if someone pied him?

Baby, baby, baby, ooooooooh! It was the parenting challenge last night. We all know that Chris got VERY emotional over his baby Cash Hughes - did any of our Islanders live up to his parenting skills?

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