E21 - Your Toes Are Like Fingers (with Wallace, Sophie and Leanne)

Anyone fancy scrambled heads for breakfast?

Kem and Arielle have a full feast of Islanders for you this morning - Wallace, Sophie and Leanne are all here (and they're all gorgeous btw)

We play our favourite time capsule game with the Islanders to see if they predicted their own time in the villa correctly. Wallace addresses #avocadogate, Sophie talks dates with Connor and Leanne weighs in on Mike's mad moves.

This series has confirmed Kem's theory that it's always the boys who misbehave in Casa Amor. We're sending all our love and support to Shaughna for when the two villas come together - are hearts going to break?

Can we talk about Siannise in the raunchy races? She really always does the most (except for when she has to kiss Biggs, when she keeps her mouth firmly SHUT) Last night, Casa Amor and the Main Villa went head to head and it was a very good excuse for our Islanders to get some cheeky snogs in with the newbies, and some toe sucking - a lil treat for Finley there.

Oh and for some reason, we all start talking about rice. Love Island cookbook anyone?

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