Talkin' Hawkins: Stranger Things (2016)

With Stranger Things 4 coming to an end tomorrow, the Losers thought we'd unlock the first episode of our spinoff series Talkin' Hawkins. Here's some context: For the last few months, we've been running a limited series in The Barrens (Patreon) that flips King’s Dominion Upside Down to discuss all things Stranger Things. In total, there will be four episodes dedicated to each season with each installment featuring Michael Roffman, Randall Colburn, Samantha Kuykendall, and a special guest discussing the kids, the adults, the '80s references, their favorite needle drops, and all the connections to Stephen King.

This episode covers the first season of Stranger Things and was recorded back in April. Fellow Loser Jenn Adams tags along to weigh in on the roots of the show, the ways it initially permeated through pop culture, and how the show was surprisingly instrumental to the creation of this show. So, if you enjoy what you're hearing, we have episodes on Stranger Things 2 and Stranger Things 3 waiting for you right now in The Barrens with the fourth and final installment arriving in the weeks ahead. All you have to do is head to, where you can catch up with us.

But hey, you'll also unlock hundreds of hours of bonus content that truly includes Stephen King, specifically our archival series, our Dark Tower Detour spinoff series, our spooky Soul’s Midnights, dozens of commentaries on all your favorite King flicks, in-depth interviews, and over 20 locked episodes from the past five years.

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