Stephen King Character Corner: Charlie McGee of Firestarter (Patreon Clip)

Here's a clip from Jenn’s King Character Corner, our new Patreon exclusive series that sees Jenn Adams embarking on a deep dive into our favorite Stephen King characters both on the page and on the screen. This kickoff episode sees her lighting fires with the Firestarter herself, Charlie McGee. Want to hear the full track? Become a member of The Barrens (Patreon) by visiting You'll unlock hundreds hours of exclusive content that includes The Stephen King Archives, the Dark Tower Detour, dozens of Ka-mmentary tracks for your favorite King flicks, all of our Lobstrosities episodes clawing through those silly King sequels, in addition to spinoffs like The Soul's Midnight, Talkin' Hawkins, and CrichtonCast. Not to mention, dozens upon dozens of locked episodes and one-offs.

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