Stephen King Archives: The Creepshow Stories

In anticipation of our Stephen King film festival this weekend in Chicago, The Creepshow, we're unlocking one of our older Patreon exclusive episodes from the Derry Private Library. It’s a volume of the Stephen King Archives, which sees Randall, Mike, and Jenn discussing King's unpublished short stories, long-forgotten interviews, dusty manuscripts, and alternate versions of your favorite tales. This particular chapter is dedicated to the uncollected stories from the Creepshow franchise. Specifically, 1976's "Weeds" that inspired "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill"; 1979's "The Crate" that inspired, well, "The Crate"; and the unused "Pinfall" segment that should have been in Creepshow 2. Want more episodes like this? Join The Barrens at Next week, we'll see you with a brand new episode charting the last five years of The New Stephen King Renaissance.

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