Firestarter (2022) Movie Review with Director Keith Thomas

The heat is on, and the Losers are sweating as they check out Keith Thomas' new re-imagining of Stephen King's fiery 1980 novel Firestarter. Join Losers Michael Roffman, Randall Colburn, Jenn Adams, and special guest Ashley Casseday of the Keep It Weird podcast as they burn through the new blockbuster. Together, they discuss Scott Teems' translation from page to screen, the intriguing new turn for John Rainbird, the body horror, John Carpenter's muscular score, and much more.

Stick around, though, because later on, Keith Thomas joins the Losers for a chat about the making of the film! The Vigil filmmaker discusses how he got involved in the production, the dangers of shooting with real fire, the dream of working alongside Carpenter, horror vs IP, and how they resurrected this story in a post-Stranger Things climate.

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