Doctor Sleep Movie Review with The Newton Brothers

The Losers return to The Overlook Hotel to review Mike Flanagan's Doctor Sleep. Together, they discuss how the film bridges together both Stephen King's The Shining and Stanley Kubrick's 1980 adaptation, praise Rebecca Ferguson's scene-stealing performance, and debate how this all might have gone down with "Hollywood Hack" Akiva Goldsman. They also speak to The Newton Brothers, who dig deep into their incredible score and how they managed to build upon the past. 

Chapters include: Derry Public Library (17:45), Heroes and Villains (51:30), Nightmares and Dreamscapes (1:29:00), The Sematary (1:38:30), King’s Dominion (1:46:00), Overall Thoughts (1:52:45), and The Newton Brothers Interview (2:02:00). 

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