Joanne O Riordan No Limbs No Limits

Triumph over adversity Joanne O Riordan is an expert at it, born with a condition called total Amelia syndrome something she shares with only 6 other people in the world, she has never let the fact that she was born without limbs dictate her life or stop her from achieving her goals. For the past 22 years she has been defying all odds doing things those in the medical profession said she would never do. She came to public attention as a teenager when she challenged Taoiseach at the time Enda Kenny about a decision to cut funding to disabilitiy benefits which saw her become an advocate and human rights campaigner. She has spoken at the U.N, appealing to scientists to develop a robot that would become her arms and legs all while studying for her Leaving Cert which she aced by the way.  She was awarded outstanding young person of the world award, she has met with dignitaries around the world.  Last year she graduated with flying colours from her degree in criminology at UCC . She  has achieved so much and she’s only in her twenties and she is an inspiration to many even though she doesn’t see herself as one.   Who better than to give us much needed Monday Motivation. 

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